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Mr Lyan x Whitebox Cocktail Selection

Mr Lyan x Whitebox Cocktail Selection

2 x Beeswax Old Fashioned 

Mr Lyan Scotch Whisky, Brown Sugar, Douglas Fir Bitters; aged in beeswax (100ml, 28.9%)

A one-off classic from Lyan history, the legendary Beeswax Old Fashioned. Ryan’s trademark riff on the slow-sipping classic uses Mr Lyan's own Scotch Whisky and his decade-old method of ageing the cocktail in beeswax. Serve neat in a tumbler or over a big block of ice.

2 x Stonewashed Cosmo 

Mr Lyan Bay Vodka, Cranberry Rosé, Limestone, Champagne Bitters (100ml, 18.4%)

A Cosmo but not as you know it. Luxurious with champagne bitters, balanced with a bright minerality from limestone (yes, 'stonewashed') making the ideal aperitif. Chill well and serve in a coupe, or split over ice in two wine glasses and top with sparkling wine and ice for a cosmo spritz.

2 x Bulletproof Espresso Martini 

Mr Lyan Bourbon, Cold Press Coffee Liqueur, Salted Butter, Coffee Husk Bitters (100ml, 18%)

Mr Lyan's take on an espresso martini, adding the sophisticated balance and velvety smoothness of bourbon and butter. The ultimate party fuel. Designed to be shaken and poured for one, or for two, share over ice, topped with good quality tonic water for a coffee americano. 


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